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Dec 2016

The End

The End - Finally I can leave this country. The customs and moving the car into the container was a nightmare. For something that would last no more than a few hours / half a day it took three days plus.

But a least the remains of my Landy are now on their way back to Germany.
After close to 40'000km the Landy is in badly need for a major cleanup and service.... And then there will be the major conversion into an amazing camper. Stay tuned.


Ellora Caves

So, done the Last location on my journey - Ellora Caves. This is amazing place. There Buddha, Hindu & Jain caves. Build between the 6th and 9th century. And what a build - just purely carved out of the rock with the tech and tools from that time. Some caves are so grand so massive and some carvings are so fine and detailed.Amazing! Everyone is talking about cave 16,the massive temple "Kailash". Two stories with grand hallways on the side and so detailed carvings. It's the biggest of its kind - bigger then the rock churches of Ethiopia. But my favorites are the number 29 with is grand scale made for movie sets and the Buddha Cathedral with it's amazing acoustics.



Mandu - One of the few Lost Citys of India. Basically founded in the 10th/11th century until the 16th/17th century from where it degraded rapidly. Today only the small Mandu Village is left surrounded by those mighty and plenty ruins. It's located on a plateau about 650m above sea level and ca 100 km west of Indore._1150418L8731283L8731312L8731262L8731273L8731341L8731348_1150451_1150438_1150447L8731361_1150527_1150529L8731447L8731445IMG_6179IMG_6182IMG_6183IMG_6186


Udaipur, a city enclosed by mountains and lakes and palace and palace and....... Some even call the city "Venice of the East", but n reality it has only about five bridges. Anyway, for most it's known as location from James Bond Octopussy. A great city to relax, to shop and really just to don't do a lot.


Ranakpur Jain Temple

Ranakpur Jain Temple - a stunning temple made of marble. Hard to describe if you haven't seen it in real. Every corner full of rich and detailed carving. Breathtaking! The temple honors Adinath, the first Tirthankar of the present half-cycle (according to Jain cosmology / religion. Light colored marble has been used for the construction of this grand temple. The temple occupies an area of approximately 60 x 62 meters and has over 1444 marble pillars to support the temple structure.



Jodhpur - probably the most Indian City I've visited so far. The fort in the background sets the scenery and then the blue city ( compared to the pink one it is at least colorful). the fort itself is on of grand ones in India. The ones in Jaipur for example are dwarft ones compared this one an its massive walls. On some location your can see the imprints of canon balls.

But best is the street life and the bazar around the clock tower. Nice atmosphere and compared to the other cities very relaxed and laid back.



A few photos from my stay at Jaipur. Jaipur is the capital of the Indian State Rajasthan. A lovely city with a lot this to see such as the Observatory, the Amber Fort, the City palace (done a private tour) and Pink City. However, the pink city isn’t really pinkish anymore. More of an light orange and actually not so much color at all.

Also found a historic advanced AfghanCamera. Of course he took a foto of me.


Ranthambhore National Park

Mission accomplished - Mietzekatze plus Mietzekätzchen. And one more Safari to go at Ranthambhore National Park.

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