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Sep 2016


Stayed at the next large Lake - Song-Kul. This is an Alpine lake and at about 3000m altitude. The track up is easy to drive. However, nowadays this one also is now very touristy especial at the beginning with the good view. And at 3000m altitude ist can get frosty at nighty and the weather will change randomly. Meet some overlanders from South Korea on their way to Marokko, some Swiss-French backpackers, German Overlander and Israelis on cycles.....


From Kuchkor to Suusamyr

From Kuchkor to Suusamyr - a Backroad and just stunningly beautiful. Easy to drive and you will stoop at least a few times to enjoy the views!


Some from in-between

Some in between from the Issyk-Kul South-road, from the small village Kochkor and the Orto Tokoy Reservoir.


Fairytale Canyon.

Fairytale Canyon. Close to Issyk Kul and the town Tosor is a canyon made of red sandstone and some other natural minerals in red, orange, yellow colors.

Very artistry!!!


Issyk Kul campsite

Issyk Kul campsite - Camped directly at the beautiful shoreline if the lake for a few nights. Not alone. Meet very lovely Russian families, some Brit’s and Locals.

Anyway. The water is crystal clear and warm. Gods for a few swims. And its a such a lovely lake to camp, factually the best on the whole journey.


364 Goldmine road

M364 Goldmine road. This is a road into the backlands of Issyk Kul and parts of the Tien Shan mountains. The Kumtor goldmine is the second highest goldmine and one of the largest. The gold is located in the permafrost layer below a large glacier and has environmental impacts.........

However the views around and alongside the road are breathtaking spectacular. And so far I've crossed the highest pass - 4028m

And I've stayed there not alone!!

M364 Road into Tien Shan Mountains

South east of Karakol, about 80km, is the M364 which takes you into the Tien Shan Mountains. The peaks are up to 7400m and it's the borderline between Kyrgiztan and China.

At the entrance of the road you have to register and close to Inylchek there is a military checkpoint. Beyond you need a permit which takes up to three weeks - didn't have one.

The road is following a canyon and sometimes you have a glimpse of the peaks but until the checkpoint no real panoramic views.



German Village Bergtal and Burana Tower

On my way to Issyk Kul I passed trough the German Village Bergtal and the Burana Tower.

The Village Bergtal was renamed to Rot-front in 1927 due to the Soviet Area - but its original name is till the name mostly used, especially in travel guide. At the end of the 19th century German-speaking settlers from the Russian Empire moved to Central Asia and the village of Bergtal was established.

The Burana Tower is a minaret and basically all that's left of the ancient town of Balasagun, which also was part of the ancient Silk road network.

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