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About the author of this simple webpage, Tim Afken.

From a professional background my area of expertise is Contract Management in Project Execution. This ranges from power plant construction (mainly EPC Energy from Waste) to large civil infrastructure project like Olympic Games London 2012 and lately Offshore Wind Energy with key experience in FIDIC and NEC contracts, Primavera and Earned Value Management as well as major claim management.

This aside, my other passions pursued are photography and travel. Some people are asking me if I take the photography professional. My answer is always that I see it as hobby (mainly because you need to earn money somehow), but quite on the excessive side of things. And somehow I get a follow questions (like most people that are of the one photo) what is the right camera. This is actually an easy one as its always the camera your take with you. Now I use Leica M and micro Four-Thirds and lately even more often my iPhone as they improved a lot on the colour profile over the last one two years. But as everyone is different there isn’t a go to camera or brand. I always say look what the professionals are using, not necessarily the press but the ones that take their gear around the world and go from there.
Overland Travel

Now, for travel. Not matter of your interest, go out and see what’s out there. This world has more to offer then the typical everyday rat-race and the media influence. Probably the best place I’ve ever visited was Tibet. I’m also very fond of the Himalaya and prefer the desert of the jungle. But best described is that the place looking for me is left beyond the horizon. My big drive in 2016 took me in my trusty Land Rover Defender (not for sale) overland to India. And this type of journey describes my preferred type of traveling: Overland. I follow the overland community closely over the year. There are many events in Europe such the Willis Fernreisemobil Treffen and I argue everyone to visit such. Not just because you see the all type of transports and peoble but because there are always very interesting first hand travel experience, stories and evening events.

Follow your passion and go out to see the world, close by or far away.

Tim Afken
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