Land Rover Defender 110 StatioWagon TD4

Why? Why a Land Rover and not a Toyota HZJ, a Mercedes G Wagon? Probably one the most asked questions someone in a Landy would receive. I know the HZJ, the G Wagon and they are brilliant 4x4. And they have certain arguments in favor of them, like reliability (well, personally after 145K no break down so far for me).

But they lack one very important factor for an overland vehicle: personality. I know a weak argument for some, but a Land Rover - together with the VW Campervan - is the vehicle of which adventure dreams are made of. Just take look on advertisements, photo stories whatsoever. Or just watch TV. They let everyone dream, want to go on an adventure of a life time.
The Rooftent Setup

Now, I went for a 2013 Land Rover Defender 110 TD4. Simply because it’s part of the last iteration , it’s an EURO V, has the new Dashboard and it’s a Land Rover. And once you have one, you will add equipment. Went for the standard route: Case maker boxes inside, roof rack and roof tent. And it worked as advertised. I’ve even made my overland to India with this setup.

And on that trip a Landy thought you some of its advantages. It’s a go anywhere vehicle. The slightly narrow design allows you to into small roads and villages and of course everyone will recognize the iconic shape and hops over for a chat.
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The full package

But the trip also taught me I need to go the full package. Don’t get me wrong. I love roof tents. They are awesome. Great sleeping comfort. But they drag a lot attention, you will lack space inside the 4x4, they can be a hassle setting up, etc. For example, in Mongolia there is a constant dusty wind, which could get annoying during breakfast etc. and want you to hide inside. With a popup roof you could.

And once that decision was made, I went for the one with hard side walls to reduce the amount of canvas. Very expensive, but worth the money if you ask me. Greatly improves the sense of space, wind noise and weather proofing.

Next, I looked at various inside outfits and in the end I made my own based on the requirement that I want a fridge and not a box. The conversion process took me a few month, a few scratches, some headage - but the result isn’t bad I would think.

Anyhow, any questions just drop me mail.

Current Kit:
  • SpaceTec Hard Tent Popup roof
  • Large roof Window
  • Warn Xeon 10s Winch
  • Heavy Duty suspension
  • Long range fuel tank
  • 70L of fresh water
  • Water Boiler
  • Diesel Heater
  • 270degree Awning
  • Double Battery and Solar power

And by the way, still not sure what to name my Landy. Mostly called “Dicker” (e.g. the fat one)....
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