Makaibari Tea Eco Estate

The Makaibari Tea Estate

This is probably the most talked about and fabled tea garden in Darjeeling area. And there are reasons for that. This is one of the oldest tea gardens in Darjeeling and was the first to establish a factory in the year 1859. This was the first garden in the world that was certified by 'Fare Trade' and the first to appoint women in a supervisory position. And they offer private Homestay’s at villagers homes instated of fancy & expensive bungalows. Also it is now the only tea estate that is still owned by a private family.

Stayed for two nights a at local family home and had strolls around the village the tea plantations.


Singtom Tea Estate

Singtom Tea Estate

It's currently the oldest tea estate in Darjeeling and offers a rare sense of nostalgia as it takes you back to British planters days of 1850s. Factually it was the Steinthal tea estate which was the first where Darjeeling tea plantation took place for the first time in 1852. Steinthal is a sister tea estate of Singtom.

If you stay at Singtom Resort, you can still see some of the surviving tea bushes from 1852 which were the first to be planted in the Darjeeling hills. I stayed for two nights at main historic bungalow, enjoyed the view and had of course a Factory Tour, Tea Tasting and a walk across the wide areas of the Tea Estate.


Darjeelings Backroads

Darjeelings Backroads

Once your leave the main city you are greeted by an awesome scenery. Tea plantations are perfectly nestled alongside the hills and there are small roads everwhere you pass along. If you think the city has already the heritage flair, then have a drive through the tea plantations as its just another level. Simply amazing.



Darjeeling - the other major English Hilton to the East. At about 2000m it is located in a area of natural beauty. Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain, sets the horizon and from Tiger Hill if your are lucky and the weather is really good your can even see the top of Mount Everest.

The City itself is rundown but if your walk a bit your still can see a glimpse of the heritage and the glorious past. There are some good places to see such as the Tibet Museum, the Mall, the Mountaineering Institute, the St Andrews Church and places like the Joey’s pub or if you send it enjoy a stay at the 125 year old Elgin Heritage Hotel and experience some britishness. And of course there is also tea. A lot of. and the tea plantations are just everywhere around.


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