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The End

The End - Finally I can leave this country. The customs and moving the car into the container was a nightmare. For something that would last no more than a few hours / half a day it took three days plus.

But a least the remains of my Landy are now on their way back to Germany.
After close to 40'000km the Landy is in badly need for a major cleanup and service.... And then there will be the major conversion into an amazing camper. Stay tuned.


Arrived in Almaty

First stop was as recommended by Amy Cannon the Landy Shop. Lovely little place. They have done useful parts at stock - but not what I needed. Highly recommended, very friendly staff.

Next stop was at the official Land Rover Service. A quick inspection before I had one. Everything looked very good not a single item to point at. They were really sukriced with the conditions as they have seen others. The looked at the under body, the lies, the bearings, the brakes... That's a good sign as from now on until India there isn't really a Landy Service Station. And its was also for free

Went to ARB and bought two shackles and a recovery strap which were nicked from our accident recovery. Very good place. A must stop for parts.

Now, a nice hotel. Tomorrow is a touristy sightseeing day


Land Rover

So, after a few weeks and another few dos in Ulaanbaatar, the Landy is back on wheels and ready to go. It took them quite q while to sort out the last bits and peaces but now we will be back on the road again.

It’s not a real TDB 2.2. 110 Station Wagon anymore as the frame and about 80% of the body work is borrowed from a TD5 which we bought.


Photos from our Crash

As promised some phone from our Crash. The accident itself was not that bad. Some amusement attractions are far worse! And of course no one was hurt

The damage doesn’t look bad at the first look but nearly everything is a little bended and deformed. But see for yourself. Off course we will continue our journey and in a Land Rover TD4 110 Station Wagon of course ;-)


Overland Update

Sorry! It has been a while since my last update.

We are still alive and kicking! However we had a bad accident and rolled over. Our Landy is damaged - but there will be an update (hopefully) shortly as will continue our Overland Journey. Stay tuned.

But to keep you entertained I’ve made a quick selection about the overland journey so far:

Overland_Transit Overland_Kasachstan Overland_Mongolei Overland_Pano Overland_Landy

First time stuck

Well, this was a mess and partly stupid. I know the Landy can do a lot and the suspension can travel up to 700mm. the approach looked muddy and bumpy. However as the godsend was partly frozen (its the Altai) I thought that should be ok. So with diff-lock and low range engaged and second gear in. Full speed ahead. It was ok until I slipped sideways into a big hole. And it was a deep short one. Game over.

No chance to pull myself out. So we organized a second car from the family nearby - a Russian UAF jeep. They finally got me pulled out. We stopped the road to the Glacier for today. And turned back to either Altai places.


How to Cross a River

So, this is something scary. Actually locks more scary inside the car than on photos.

In Khushuut we wanted to cross the River. The old wooden bridge however was under construction. Everyone around however said you can cross the river by car and your Land Rover should do it the easy way. However the whole thing looked crazy and I wasn’t sure how good everything is sealed, even with the raised air intake mounted. Up to 700-800mm would be the maximum in a really worse case scenery. But I really did not want to risk the engine so we organized a truck to pull us to the other side. The Engine was of course off! In the end I probably could have done the crossing depth-wise but the i9ce on the other side would have been a very very tough climb.


David Marcus

We were heading down to the Balqash Lake and before we sorted our overnight camp we bumped into David Marcus - A South African Overlander, Land Rover Enthusiast & also known from Land Rover Magazines. Anyway. We had a nice first chat while he showed us his Land Rover 300 TDI SW and the Discovery 2. The Discovery 2 was pulling the Landy as his engine was basically gone. Originally he wanted to drive own as far as possible before the night but then he stayed with us at the lake.

And of course we had a long chat about Landys, his Journeys and Missions. Superb bloke! Unfortunately he had a bad crash the next day at around lunchtime. Both Land Rover were heavily damaged but he was not hurt. With help from his Kazakhstan Land Rover Friends he managed to get a transport ....


Overland - Germany to Asia and Back


Soon we will be on our way from Germany to Asia and Back in our trusted Land Rover Defender. Us - that’s Katharina Bahn - the Travel Expert - and me Tim Afken - Contract Manager and Photographer.
Below a few more details about the proposed trail and some photos from our Landy.

Tim Afken



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