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Tolbo Nuur Campsite

Last night I stayed at Lake Tolbo Nuur. But I wasn't alone. Meet two families from Russia including their two Bassets. The fishing was not so successful so we had pasta, salad (with mayonnaise, Russians love it) and a kind of Russian self made Glühwein and a box of Russian sweet bakery.

What a lovely and beautiful stay!!!!!!!!


Mountain track to Öglii

After Khoved next is the mountain track down to Öglii passing by mountains such a Maraa Uul. One of the best crossings in Mongolia so far!!!! About 2700m high.

Just beautiful scenery!!!!!


South Route to Khovd

Done the third stretch of the south route. It is a very nice drive apart from the heavy construction traffic which laced you in the dust. As a car no chance - dust inside like h*ll. And I thought to last day was awful in regards to dust - but this beats everything so far.

But all in all I have to say the south route is far nicer than its reputation - love it!

Athen I hie done the North and South Route, I would do mixture of both with Uliastai in center - should be best of Mongolia


South Route to Altai Citiy

What a day. Finally reach the Altai city. Done 265km in 6hr45min before hitting the Tarmac again.

Dusty, bumpy, shaky, potholes.... the Landy took quite a beating, but so far just works. Not a very pleased drive - The was the worst stretch so far in Mongolia. And of course dust everywhere. Needs a full clean in Öglii.

And finally dropped my iPhone and screen shattered. Grrrrrrrr......

South Route to Bajanchongor

So, today wasn't that successful. Ok, the south route so far was spectacular, definitely not boring!

Went for diesel in Bajanchongor, but then a huge spillage!! Diesel leaking from a pipe! You couldn't se where it supposed to be - between tank and frame.

So, down to the garage other side of the street. Removed the full diesel tank just to find out that the diesel drain pipe went of due a poorly made fitting!!!!! A few cable ties and job done - apart about 4hrs lost.

My next destination was the Gobi desert, so I tried to do a long drive, but that stretch would take too long - tomorrow is already the 17 and by the 21 I have to be in Öglii as the border crossing is the next day. Maybe an extended stay at one of the lakes along the drive instead.

A few from today.


Beautifull Mongolia

Today was a very lovely day - Beautiful Mongolia as known from TV. I went first for stroll around the Orkhon Valley and then followed the A08 passt Khujirt down to the south route.


Erdene Zuu Monastery

Erdene Zuu Monastery - the first destination after Ulaanbaatar.

A very nice monastery the has been rebuilt after its wa destroyed during the communist reign. After the fall of Communism Erdene Zuu was turned over to the lamas and today Erdene Zuu remains an active Buddhist monastery as well as a museum that is open to tourists.

Interestingly, Erden Zum ist built on the place of the old capital of Mongolia, Kharkhorin. Some remains are straight behind the Monastery. The outline can bee seen from air as there is little above ground.


Oasis GuestHouse

Now, after the final Landy repair we stayed at the Oasis Guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar.

It's the place to go to for all Overlanders - the meeting place in Mongolia. The Guesthouse itself is nice but not very well equipped, especially in regards to washing facilities and Wifi.

Some Impressions below:


Naadam Festival

As the Landy wasn’t ready to go and the route changed we stayed slightly longer then expected in Ulaanbaatar - so we had the time to visit the Naadam Festival. This is alla about the celebration of Mongolia, its history and their three main sports - Wrestling, Archery and Horse Riding.

We had wonderful weather, which could not taken for granted after those rain spells across the last days. And as such the atmosphere was great. We were also lucky to get the tickets for the stadium!!


Land Rover

So, after a few weeks and another few dos in Ulaanbaatar, the Landy is back on wheels and ready to go. It took them quite q while to sort out the last bits and peaces but now we will be back on the road again.

It’s not a real TDB 2.2. 110 Station Wagon anymore as the frame and about 80% of the body work is borrowed from a TD5 which we bought.


Out way back to Ulaanbaatar

Now the long awaited update to our Journey.

After 3 long weeks relaxing and not doing a hell lot in Germany we will back on the road... ahh... train again. Yes, we will take the Trans-Siberian Train from St. Petersburg via Moscow, Jekaterinburg, Irkutsk & Listvyanka to Ulaanbaatar.

  1. 20.06 Flight to St. Petersburg
  2. 21/22.06 Sightseeing - St. Petersburg
  3. 23.06 Train to Moskau
  4. 24.06 Guided city walk including the Kreml Area
  5. 25.06 Trans-Sibirian Train to Jekaterinburg
  6. 26.06 Jekaterinburg - Guided city walk
  7. 27/28.6 Trans-Sibirian Train
  8. 29.06 Arrival Irkutsk. Direct transfer to Listvyanka, Guided city walk Listvyanka incl Baikal-Museum
  9. 30.06 Stay Listvyanka, Baikal Boat Trip, return to Irkutsk
  10. 01.07 Irkutsk - Guided city walk
  11. 02.07 Trans-Sibirian Train
  12. 03.07 Ulaanbaatar

Our beloved Landy awaits us fully restored in Ulaanbaatar (will it be the same after the awful crash? It’s a Landy....) and we will continue our small trip around Asia. After Ulaanbaatar will head down to the Gobi desert and some very interesting places before turning towards Erenhot for our Overland Journey across China towards Tibet and Nepal.


Photos from our Crash

As promised some phone from our Crash. The accident itself was not that bad. Some amusement attractions are far worse! And of course no one was hurt

The damage doesn’t look bad at the first look but nearly everything is a little bended and deformed. But see for yourself. Off course we will continue our journey and in a Land Rover TD4 110 Station Wagon of course ;-)


Overland Update

Sorry! It has been a while since my last update.

We are still alive and kicking! However we had a bad accident and rolled over. Our Landy is damaged - but there will be an update (hopefully) shortly as will continue our Overland Journey. Stay tuned.

But to keep you entertained I’ve made a quick selection about the overland journey so far:

Overland_Transit Overland_Kasachstan Overland_Mongolei Overland_Pano Overland_Landy

Altai Imprressions

Finally here are some impression of the Altai mountain range. We’ve been driving for about there days through the Altai Travan Bogd National Park. As it is close to the Chinese Border a permit is required and the was organized by Baco , the co-owner of the Eagels Nest Travel Lodge. We camped at two lovely families. They shared their dinner and tea breaks with us and we sleeper close to the main fire places in our sleeping back. And Baco ws alway looking for the right route, asking families and horse-riders. Sometimes you were amazed were he finds them.

The Landy took a very hard meeting during those two days - river crossing getting stuck, crossing mounting ranges through snow, mud, clay, gravel and rocks. But the scenery was stunning! so wer the stays. Highly recommended!!!


First time stuck

Well, this was a mess and partly stupid. I know the Landy can do a lot and the suspension can travel up to 700mm. the approach looked muddy and bumpy. However as the godsend was partly frozen (its the Altai) I thought that should be ok. So with diff-lock and low range engaged and second gear in. Full speed ahead. It was ok until I slipped sideways into a big hole. And it was a deep short one. Game over.

No chance to pull myself out. So we organized a second car from the family nearby - a Russian UAF jeep. They finally got me pulled out. We stopped the road to the Glacier for today. And turned back to either Altai places.


How to Cross a River

So, this is something scary. Actually locks more scary inside the car than on photos.

In Khushuut we wanted to cross the River. The old wooden bridge however was under construction. Everyone around however said you can cross the river by car and your Land Rover should do it the easy way. However the whole thing looked crazy and I wasn’t sure how good everything is sealed, even with the raised air intake mounted. Up to 700-800mm would be the maximum in a really worse case scenery. But I really did not want to risk the engine so we organized a truck to pull us to the other side. The Engine was of course off! In the end I probably could have done the crossing depth-wise but the i9ce on the other side would have been a very very tough climb.


Eagler Hunters

With Help form the Egels Nest Guest Hours we went to Altai Eagle Hunters today. The drive in itself was very scenery and we saw also some rune stones. However the Family was lovely. We had food and tee and even more tee and even if they understood only very little english we managed to exchange some words, facts and small talk.

However the main attraction was the Stone-eagle. The owner even dressed up and we also were allowed to hold the eagle. Later on we went horse riding - which I have never done before so I haven’t had a clue but thank god the horse wasn’t speedy.



Its been a long driven but now we are in Mongolia. A German dream Destination for Campers, Overlanders, Adventurists. Our first stopp is the small city Ölgii. Firs night we stayed at a hotel as we arrived very late and it was only soso. However next day we switched over to the Eagels Nest, a Hotel only for Tourist - ok we are still the only ones around. However they provided us with very good support and help - i.e. Eagle Hunters and the Altai National Park. And off course we went to the city and tis local black market. Also especially Katharina gave German lessons to Horlan Ahanseri - the so lovely co-owner!!!!


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