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Mongol Rally 2016

During my stay at Samarkand it was a coming and going of Mongol Rally 2016 Teams. Not all where at the same guest house, but it was the same corner of the city. Teams from all over the world - USA, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Italy.... you name it. According to the teams about 300 teams started in London. The goal is to drive by any means and with a used old car to Mongolia, stop in Ulaanbaatar and then finish in Uladn-Ude, Russia.

Had a few lovely nights and also meet the team from They are recording the trip for a six part TV show in Norway. Lovely bunch, Rockstars...



I heard many horror stories lately about the Usbekistan border crossing and how picky they can be (medicine especially, thats why I stored mine in Bishkek). But this one was actually a comparable straight forward one. Car inspection was easy, even the IT inspection and they did not see my drone at all.

Even after the crossing itself, the checkpoints on the way where very easy and the soldiers, policeman’s and inspectors were very friendly - smiles and thumbs up all the way. Wasn’t expecting that. I had to stop on the way to Tashkent and get the insurance for the car (a must). The police said about where to get one, but I had to ask. Well, just by doing so I was invited to eat with the family. So sweet, so friendly. And they wished me all the best for the rest of the journey and as a present they gave me a large jar of homemade strawberry jam, would say about 1L in size.

After a stop in Tashkent for the night, I reached Samarkand late afternoon. The city is as beautiful as ever, but its is hot - about 40° and no change for the next few days.

I went for all the classics tourist destinations - the registan square, the basar, the Bibi-Khanum Mosque, Shah-I-Zinda ensemble, Gor Amir Mosque. Off course I bought some stuff as well.

And during my stay at Samarkand this was also stage for the Mongol Rally 2016. See next post.

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