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The End

The End - Finally I can leave this country. The customs and moving the car into the container was a nightmare. For something that would last no more than a few hours / half a day it took three days plus.

But a least the remains of my Landy are now on their way back to Germany.
After close to 40'000km the Landy is in badly need for a major cleanup and service.... And then there will be the major conversion into an amazing camper. Stay tuned.


Oasis GuestHouse

Now, after the final Landy repair we stayed at the Oasis Guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar.

It's the place to go to for all Overlanders - the meeting place in Mongolia. The Guesthouse itself is nice but not very well equipped, especially in regards to washing facilities and Wifi.

Some Impressions below:


Overland - Germany to Asia and Back


Soon we will be on our way from Germany to Asia and Back in our trusted Land Rover Defender. Us - that’s Katharina Bahn - the Travel Expert - and me Tim Afken - Contract Manager and Photographer.
Below a few more details about the proposed trail and some photos from our Landy.

Tim Afken



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