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Lithuania and Latvia

Next we went for three day stint across Lithuania and Latvia. As they are members of the European Union the crossings were straight forward. Nothing apart from the obvious blue sign. In Lithuania we stoped in Marijampole. Nothing spectacular. Basically an industrial town. Landscape was however stunning. Lovely, but natural. Forests following plains following lovely lakes - small and large.

In Latvia we were heading for the Rezek National Park as we planed to stay in a sailing boat for the night. However, the lake was frozen. Great scenery and some ice fishing ongoing. So we went for the main town around, Rezekne. Actual a nice city. Lovely park financed by the European Union and a brand new concert hall, called the CORS. Ticket pricing from 3.5 to 25 EURO. We went for the bar / restaurant - the GURU. A very nice bar, good and nice service and also very good food. And then the pricing. In short: Highly Recommended!


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